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NMR Training Course: Advanced (2D) NMR

Prerequisite: Basic (1D) NMR Course

Theory of 2D NMR will be introduced along with a survey of applications of 2D experiments. Pulse sequences will be discussed and essential practical aspects such as measurung pulse widths. This class is will enable participants to acquire and process advanced NMR experiments. Successful completion is required for running 2D experiments, as well as to access high-field (500 or greater) spectrometers.

Suggested reading: Cladridge, Derome

Classroom Session: 9:30 – noon (first two days)
1.    Introduction to 2D NMR
2.    Phase sensitive experiments
3.    Selected homonuclear experiments
4.    Selected heteronuclear experiments
5.    Other advanced topics

Laboratory Session: 1:30 – 5:00pm  (days 1 & 2)
1.    Practical concepts for experiment setup on Bruker spectrometers.
2.    1H pulse calibration
3.    Practice the acquisition, processing and plotting of 2D experiments:

Checkout, individual sessions: 30min (days 3-5)
Each participant will be required to demonstrate his/her proficiency at pulse width calibration, acquiring and processing a 2D NMR spectrum, in order to obtain certification to run 2D experments in the facilities and to access high field spectrometers.