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Using Tailoring and Technology to Promote Health Equity in African American Men

Aetna logoPrincipal Investigator: Derek M. Griffith, PhD

Co-Investigators: Gregory D. (Dan) Ayers, MS; Ken Resnicow, PhD; Gary Bennett, PhD

Funding Source: Aetna Foundation

Funding Period: 7/1/2015 - 5/31/2017

Mechanism: Foundational Grant

Location: Nashville, TN

Project Summary

Given their high rates of premature mortality from chronic diseases there is a need to improve African American men’s health by increasing healthy eating and physical activity.  Our study represents a novel strategy to improve healthy eating and active living by understanding and addressing how gender and manhood shape African American men’s eating practices and physical activity. Specifically, we will (1) refine and test the content of gendered messages that will be used in individually-tailored health communications interventions for 35-74 year old African American men; (2) explore how motivation, self-efficacy and information can be optimally increased through a technology-based delivery system (e.g., website, SMS text messaging, social media); and (3) pilot this tailoring system with a small group of African American men. 


This project is no longer recruiting participants.