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Highlighted Submissions

Jakob Pearson // Student

The first picture is of me leaving Florence, Italy from my study abroad program on February 27, 2020, just to go on a weekend trip, with every intention of returning to Florence. My plane leaving Florence was almost totally empty, and it was at this point that I thought COVID-19 was a serious threat. I never returned to Florence.

The second picture is of the email I received from my study abroad program on February 29, 2020, that my program had been canceled.

The third picture is of a text message I received from the Orange County public health officials as I arrived in Los Angeles from Europe after my roommate was one of the first confirmed cases in the United States. I was required to quarantine for 2 weeks in a hotel room after arriving back in the US.

Marl Hosford // Faculty

As the Covid pandemic unfolded I began to create digital drawings that were inspired by the ever evolving situation. I decided to use vintage children’s books as my inspiration. I would redraw them in a new context in order to have them touch upon aspects of life during the height of this pandemic.

Rachel Lane Walden // Staff

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, I was able to work from home. I am a reference/instruction librarian for the Eskind Biomedical Library. While working from home I had some extra cute coworkers: Angela (aka Biscuit) and Baby Carl. Biscuit and Baby Carl were 5 week old kittens that I fostered for 7 weeks (April 29th – June 18th). During that 7 week time period they attended most of my Zoom meetings along with a few workshops and presentations that I gave on library resources and searching in the biomedical databases. After the 7 week foster period they went back to the Nashville Humane Association and were adopted into their forever families. Working from home would not be my preference normally but having the kittens made it fun.

Maggie Root // Student

I am a distance student in the Nursing PhD program. My mother lives just a five minute walk from our home in Northern California. In March 2020, public health guidance in California (and our own pediatrician) said we needed to separate from the grandparents immediately. So we did. My twins were not even crawling at the time- they were 8 months old. So grandma, who used to take care of them every week day so I could do school work- started coming to the window in our living room for story time. She would hold her hands up to the glass, and wait for Baker and Evelyn to put their hands on hers. They thought it was a mime game. My mother sobbed every day. When she wasn’t at the window, she was often reading stories through FaceTime. By the time we were able to be together again, one of my twins had just started walking.


Ben Delevante // Student

A home climbing wall that I built so that I could continue training while the gyms were closed due to COVID-19.

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