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Can I submit anonymously?

Yes, anonymous submissions will be accepted. We want everyone submitting to feel comfortable sharing at a level that feels right to them.

What will be done with this archive?

The archive is designed to capture this unprecedented time in the university’s history and will be used to inform and educate future generations. It will become part of the university historical archive and will be available for study, reflection and remembrance.

Are all submissions posted?

All submissions will be reviewed before being posted. Submissions should not include any HIPPA-protected information. Submissions containing vulgar language, those that attack any one group or individual and those that are obviously spam will not be posted.

Are submissions restricted to students, faculty and staff?

No. We welcome submissions from parents, alumni and the larger Nashville community.

Is there a deadline?

Not at this time; submissions will be accepted until further notice.

Can I submit more than once?

Yes, you can submit your materials and reflections all at once or one at a time. There is no limit.

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