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Campus Operations: Campus Dining

Posted by on Monday, June 8, 2020 in .

Campus Dining will gradually re-open its operations in two-week increments beginning Monday, Aug. 17.

Campus Dining is adapting its operations to the new reality of physical distancing, enhanced sanitization protocols, and modified service style. While our dining facilities may look different, know that our focus on the safety and well-being of the Vanderbilt community has never been stronger.

Despite the myriad challenges posed by this public health event, Campus Dining is fully committed to providing a wide variety of healthy and nutritious meal options to the Vanderbilt community. In addition to a network of residential dining halls, retail markets, and cafes, we are proud to announce the following enhancements to our dining program for the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • The Nicholas S. Zeppos College dining hall will be opening in August 2020 and adds another option to the Vanderbilt West End neighborhood.
  • Broad expansion of mobile ordering options, including all Munchie Mart convenience stores and Suzie’s Cafes. Students will have the option to use meals or meal money in these locations. Options include a rotating menu of chef-inspired sandwiches, wraps, and healthy bowls, in addition to market and convenience items.
  • To further support physical distancing efforts, and to reduce congestion in high-traffic dining halls, Campus Dining Pick-up Spots will be located in key places across campus; students can order meals online, then pick up at a convenient location.
  • Students can use their Meal Money or Commodore Cash to purchase food at any one of the Taste of Nashville partner restaurants, all located near campus. In addition, Campus Dining will host a rotation of food trucks on a daily basis, further adding value and variety to a student’s Meal Money or Commodore Cash.

Ranked #7 Best Campus Food, 2020 by the Princeton Review, Vanderbilt Campus Dining serves up a globally-inspired menu, with exciting new cuisines and healthy options that support a diverse array of dietary preferences and restrictions. Our award-winning chefs are proud to offer a comprehensive meal plan that supports community, sustainability and healthy living.

Meal plans are available to all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff. All Vanderbilt students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan based on their cohort year. See below for meal plan components and rates for the 13-week semester between August 24 and November 20.

The 21 PlanThe 19 PlanThe 19 PlanThe 14 Plan
21 on-campus meals per week19 on-campus meals per week19 on-campus meals per week14 on-campus meals per week
$ 225 Meal Money per semester$ 275 Meal Money per semester$ 275 Meal Money per semester$ 325 Meal Money per semester
$ 2,686 per semester$ 2,666 per semester$ 2,666 per semester$ 2,385 per semester

Nonresidential students, including undergraduates opting out of on-campus housing, will have the ability to purchase any of the above meal plans, but will not be required to do so. In addition, nonresidential students, faculty, and staff have the option to purchase flex meals which are prepaid blocks of meals, redeemable at any Campus Dining location.

Campus Dining will gradually open its operations in two-week increment periods for the fall semester. To begin the fall semester, only undergraduate students and residential faculty will be able to use their meal plan, meal money or Commodore Cash to purchase meals from Campus Dining locations; cash and credit or debit cards will not be accepted. Beginning September 7, we anticipate that locations will open to graduate and professional students, and beginning September 21, Campus Dining operations plan to return to servicing the full VU Community, including faculty, staff and postdocs.

To supplement food options during the first part of the fall semester, rotating food truck offerings will be available Monday through Friday between Buttrick Hall and the Black Cultural Center during lunch hours. These food trucks will be available to all members of the VU community but will only accept Commodore Cash and Meal Money as payment.

Students’ delivery options have been further expanded this semester with Campus Dining’s partnership with Grubhub. Online ordering from 300+ restaurants in the Nashville area can now be made using Commodore Cash.  

These are unprecedented times, and terms such as “physical distancing” and “the new normal” have become part of our everyday lexicon. Vanderbilt, like most institutions, has adapted in significant and profound ways. What won’t change, however, is our commitment to clean, safe dining facilities, convenient dining options, and excellent-quality food. As an integral component of campus life, Campus Dining takes pride in fueling our students’ academic pursuits, and we look forward to serving you soon.

Campus Dining is committed to meeting the dining needs of all residential students, regardless of disability or dietary restrictions/allergies. With limited exceptions due to physical distancing requirements and modified circulation plans, our dining halls will remain accessible for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Students will preorder their meals at specified pick-up locations and select a 15-minute pick-up window, convenient to their unique class schedule. This is similar to how mobile ordering functions at The Pub and Local Java under normal circumstances. Campus Dining is currently working through details on timing for ordering food. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.


Students are encouraged to sign up for DiningNews Alerts by texting the word DININGNEWS to 55744. These alerts will provide important service updates and notifications, Campus Dining news, and even special events like Free Friday. Standard data and messaging rates apply.

Students are also encouraged to download the GET app to check their account balances, add Commodore Cash, order food, and to use their phone to enable touchless payment at registers in lieu of their card.

As part of Vanderbilt’s continued efforts to keep applications and data secure, the GET app will require multi-factor authentication (MFA) starting on Monday, August 17. You will be required to authenticate via MFA every 30 days.

The MFA application you will need to download to log in to CBOARD GET is called DUO. Please follow the instructions below to download DUO.

Enroll in Duo:

  1. Go to the MFA website
  2. Under Requesting Service, click “Enroll Now”
  3. Sign in and click “Start setup”
  4. Select Mobile Phone and follow the prompts
  5. Install the Duo Mobile application on your mobile phone
  6. In your phone internet browser, click “I have Duo Mobile installed”
  • Click “Take me to Duo Mobile App”
  • You will receive a code in your DUO app – this verifies the successful installation of Duo
  1. 7. Go back to your browser, click “Dismiss and save your preferences”

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the VUIT support number at 615-343-9999 or submit a help request at


To maximize physical distancing, Campus Dining’s reopening plan does not include seating in dining halls. Meals will be served to-go style, to be eaten in a physically distanced manner in designated areas, in residence hall rooms, or in one of the three large outdoor tents that have been installed at Alumni Lawn, Library Lawn and Peabody Esplanade. These tents are available to all members of the VU community, regardless of whether the meal to be eaten was purchased from a Campus Dining location.  

Capacity at each tent will be managed by on-site Campus Dining staff. All campus protocols must be followed in and around the tent locations, including physical distancing of at least six feet and wearing a mask of face covering at all times, except when eating or drinking. The comprehensive plans for the use of outdoor tents this fall include information regarding fire code compliance and safety; severe weather communication, evacuation, and sheltering; and general safety and security. Occupants of tented areas should follow the instructions provided by tent staff in the event that any enhanced safety or security measures are needed, particularly evacuation for inclement or severe weather.

To facilitate the timely turnover of tables, Campus Dining is asking that guests be sure to clear away their own tables, disposing of all waste in the appropriate receptacles. Signage will be posted throughout the tent areas to direct circulation and provide protocol reminders. All signage must be adhered to at all times.

In addition to the dining tents, circles have been marked on lawns throughout campus to help identify safe, physically distanced locations for use by the campus community, including for outdoor dining. Examples of these circle locations are shown in the maps of the tent locations. These are illustrative and not meant to be exact. Due to mowing and lawn maintenance, circle patterns and distribution may vary slightly over the course of the semester.