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iLab Information

Our login page for iLab is now Please look for special instructions for each type of user account needed on our webpage. All user accounts will be created directly on the iLab site. If you have any trouble registering for your iLab account, please contact for assistance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

iLab Training


Due to COVID-19, OCGA is suspending open office hours until further notice.  However, we are still available to assist you as needed through a Zoom or Skype meeting.  Just let us know if you need assistance and we will schedule some time with you to go over any questions you may have.

To schedule a Training Session with our office please complete the following form:

iLab Training Registration


iLab User Guides and Forms

All Users

Managing Your Requests in iLab

VU and VUMC Users

Setting Up a New VU User Account

Setting Up a New VUMC User Account

iLab Account Basics and Setting Up a New User Account Guide

Department Manager User Guide

Principal Investigator and Lab Manager User Guide

iLab Forms -VU and VUMC Users


Vanderbilt Basic Science POSTER Printing Core (formerly BRET Poster)

Please note that in order to use the VBS Poster core, you have to have either VU Funding (Project Number or COA) or VUMC Cost Center Funding (10 Digit number). 

If you are paying out of pocket by cash or credit card, we're sorry but the VBS Poster core core is not able to accommodate this request.

Instructions for using VBS Poster Printing Services


  • If you already  have  an iLab  account, you  do not  need to sign up for a new one. Please check with your PI, Lab Manager, or Department Manager to make sure you have access to the necessary billing/cost center numbers.
  • If you  do not  have an iLab account, please follow VUMC Core’s  instructions  to register for one. After registering, your account will need to be approved. This will take 24-48 hours. Upon account request approval, please follow the instructions below.


*** DO NOT  submit a PO request. Your Department Manager must assign center numbers to your (VU) Lab and give you access to the center number.***

In iLab,  you must use a (VU) Lab to place an order with BRET Poster Printing Services.  If you  do not   have a (VU) Lab, please email  with the following information to create one:

  • Name
  • VUnet ID
  • Email Address
  • Lab/Department Name
  • PI Name (If the PI is paying for your poster)
  • PI Email Address
  • Deparment (If the department is paying for your poster, please provide the funding number and department name)

(Lab/Department Name(s) and Department Number(s): this should include any department that the PI has center numbers under.)

Note : If the PI does not have an existing lab group, the user should select the AAA Default (VUMC) Lab.


Once you have an iLab account and a (VU) Lab:

  • Log in to  iLab
  • Click on the three bars in the top left corner of the screen
  • Go to “Core Facilities”
  • Select “Vanderbilt Basic Science Poster Printing Core”
  • Click on “initiate request  –> ” at the bottom of the screen
  • Type in the person’s name for whom you’d like to create a request
  • Select your (VU) Lab that was created for you or that you were placed in
  • Click “ –>  proceed”
  • Complete, save, and submit the request form with the correct billing/cost center number

External Users

Setting Up a New External iLab User Account Guide

Additional Forms

StarBRITE Core Services Quote Form (pdf)

StarBRITE Core Services Quote Form (excel)