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Marketing Solutions


Never underestimate the importance of professional editing. Even excellent writers who are meticulous with grammar, spelling, and punctuation will miss the small details that elevate text from good to great. As a writer, you tend to focus on the message and you may not have as much time as you'd like to revise your writing for the clarity and precision needed for promotional applications. It's easy to overlook technical elements, such as inconsistent use of commas or the overuse of a certain word. A professional editor looks for patterns, much like one would do when working a difficult mathematics problem. Everyone needs an editor, no matter how thoroughly they read and proofread their writing.

The editing staff at Marketing Solutions also reads your text for clarity and will offer suggestions to tailor your writing for the particular publication in which it will appear. Collectively they have decades of experience in refining copy to work best in printed promotional material.

When editing your work, we use two well-established style guides, Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press Stylebook, depending on the project. Along with key staff in the Division of Public Affairs we developed--and continue to refine--the Vanderbilt Style Guide, which is the authority on proper names and agreed-upon usage of elements unique to Vanderbilt.