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Expand Your Reach!

Is your organization telling a story? Time and attention are valuable commodities. Anchor Link can be your marketing hub for sharing events to the Vanderbilt campus and Nashville community. From your organization’s Anchor Link home page, events, or news stories, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites. Utilize…

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Share from Anchor Link to Twitter!

Let Anchor Link streamline your PR and marketing! Share your posts from Anchor Link to Twitter! Anchor Link makes sharing to Social Media sites easy. Follow these steps to send out tweets from Anchor Link: 1. On your organization’s event, news, or home page, select Twitter in the list of social media options. 2. In…

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Post from Anchor Link to Facebook

Let Anchor Link help Streamline your PR and Marketing efforts! Post from Anchor Link to Facebook. When you see the Share button on your organization’s home, event or news page, click it to post on social media sites!   Follow these steps to post on Facebook: 1. Select the Facebook icon. 3. In the pop-up window,…

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Link your Video in Anchor Link!

Want to link to videos on your ANCHOR LINK page? Here’s how! Although ANCHOR LINK does not currently have embedded videos, you can still link to videos through the News Section of your organization’s profile.   1. Copy and paste an image for the video you would like to link to in the description section…

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Streamline your PR!

Anchor Link is a great tool to streamline your PR and advertising through social media, school calendars, and the Weekend at Vandy e-blast! Facebook, Twitter, & Other Social Media On the right side of your event page, there are different options to post the event to your personal or organization Facebook or Twitter page. Google…

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