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Make Applications Easy with Anchor Link

  Is your organization selecting new officers? While this process may be challenging, the application process should be simple. You can streamline the transition process for your organization by using Anchor Link forms rather than paper applications or e-mailing documents. Anchor Link’s platform will help you develop an easy-to-use, professional application that will be easy…

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Publish your Form in Anchor Link

Anchor Link creates permalinks to publish forms within your organization’s page. Follow these steps to find the form’s link. *NOTE: Do NOT simply open the form and copy the URL from your address bar. Since every submission is saved, a unique URL is created for each user that opens a form. Your URL will not work for…

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Extra Tips for Forms

Do you want to create multiple pages within your forms? Do you want to ask follow-up questions for specific answers to questions? Do you want your form to be accessible for a short period of time? Learn the extra tips to make your forms more successful! Form Properties:  Active: Your form will only be live…

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Create a Form

Use Anchor Link to post and receive forms for your organizations. Whether you need applications, waivers, or order forms, Anchor Link can move your documentation online! In order to create a form, you must have administrative access to the Forms feature within Anchor Link. Officer positions can be created and access levels can be set…

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