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PEERVU Job Shadowing Program

PEERVU is a job shadowing program that gives Division of Administration employees the opportunity to learn about other departments and positions within the division by “shadowing” an experienced employee from another area. By participating, the “shadower gains firsthand knowledge of the “shadowee’s” work environment, and occupational and interpersonal skills.

Benefits of PEERVU

In addition to learning more about the work departments throughout the division, staff will benefit from:peervu

  • a broader perspective on how other business units work, including the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis;
  • potential new ways to work;
  • new contacts in other areas;
  • exposure to diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 


The division and its departments will benefit from:

  • a better understanding and appreciation for the work each department and its employees do;
  • greater communication between departments and enhanced networking and development opportunities;
  • sharing best practices across the division.


Guidelines for potential shadowers

Before signing up consider what you hope to gain from this experience, and any learning objectives you might have. Discuss your interest in participating with your immediate supervisor.  Together, determine how this opportunity fits in with you general professional development needs; questions you may have; and how it will influence your position.

Your placement should last at least half a day, but not exceed one full working day. During your shadowing, you will observe only; you are not expected to help your shadowee or others in the department complete their work. 


Guidelines for supervisors

Before agreeing to any shadowing request, consider how it may impact your area’s resources and staffing, as well as whether it will advance your employee’s and team’s development and effectiveness.  

  • How will it help your employee (shadower) in his or her current role?
  • Will it allow for learning opportunities and professional development?
  • Will it help to develop a greater understanding of a peer’s role/department?
  • Will it provide valuable networking opportunities?



  1. After getting the supervisor’s approval, the shadower should complete the online request form
  2. A member of the HR team will reach out to the requested department to match the shadower with a shadowee.
  3. The shadower should work directly their the shadowee to make arrangements for their job shadowing
  4. Shadowers must follow any departmental rules, including its confidentiality policy.
  5. At the end of the session, the shadower and the shadower’s supervisor will review the experience.  The shadower will then complete an online PEERVU evaluation sent by HR to finish the process.