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VIIBRE - Scheduling

Scheduling Time in VIIBRE Labs


Most Microfabrication Core laboratories and Automated Biosystems Core resources can now be schedules through the VUMC C.O.R.E.S. booking system. You need to be trained to use our resources (visit the "Access" page) and then should sign up for a CORES account.

The VIIBRE booking system is only used for a few high-demand microscopes that are not part of VIIBRE cores.

All experiments and required lab time should be well thought out before entering the labs. You should try to make the most efficient use of all lab space for the benefit of yourself and the other users. If you have questions about how long a process should take, please ask. Don't book the whole day if you only need two or three hours and don't book one hour when you need three.


Guidelines for Scheduling Time

  1. ONLY book time on equipment that you are trained to use.
  2. Do NOT book time for other, unauthorized users.
  3. Do NOT book more than three contiguous days in the same time slot. 
  4. Do NOT book more than 15 hours per week on any single piece of equipment. Some labs have occupancy limits (e.g., cleanrooms). Please know the limits and don't overbook labs.


Most of VIIBRE's labs are used by staff for the production of items used by other labs and for use in high priority research. It is important that they are able to do their work in a timely fashion each week. Between staff and more than two dozen regular users trying to use these resources, time may get tight. Please don't book too much time (or too little) and...



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Please note that all users have to be officially trained before they can be approved to book time in VIIBRE labs or core resources.

To book resources in our VIIBRE core laboratories such as the Microfabrication Core (MFC) or Automated Biosystems Core (ABC), please visit:


To book other VIIBRE microscopes and labs:

Booking System