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VIIBRE - Access

Access to VIIBRE Labs

To improve lab safety and help manage resources, VIIBRE requires that all lab users register their projects and all research participants. It is important that resources can be managed in such a way that every project has the ability to utilize resources without interfering with the research of other projects.

Access to some VIIBRE Facilities requires specific training (e.g., the Microfab  Core labs and Automated Biosystems Core). Email Ron Reiserer for more information ( or visit the Microfabrication Core or Automated Biosystems Core websites.

Knowing, respecting and staying up to date with the rules of the VIIBRE Facilities is your responsibility - ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

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Steps to gain access and work in VIIBRE labs

Do each step listed in sequence, as some are dependent on others. This is a test of your ability to follow instructions and will be considered when granting you access to labs.


Remember the two most important rules:

  • Safety is always your top priority! If you ever have any questions about anything in the labs, ask someone.
  • This is a teaching facility and as such we'll assume that the more questions you ask, the smarter you are becoming.

Complete the following forms:

Turn in these signed forms to our lab manager Ron Reiserer (, preferably in electronic format and use the subject line "Lab Access" as to avoid having your email lost in Ron's vast inbox.


Once you turn in the forms, wait to be assigned safety training that must be completed before working in any of VIIBRE's labs. Details of how to take the training will be emailed to you once it has been assigned.


Get a Lab Notebook for your Project!

This is the single most important piece of scientific documentation that exists. All hypotheses, experimental design, all experimental data, and all conclusions should be meticulously recorded in a lab notebook. Do not use any other notebooks for this information. To get a lab notebook ask your project leader. If you have questions about how to write things in your lab notebook, contact Ron Reiserer (

V. After the Safety training is complete and all other paperwork is filed, you will be assigned a user name and password for the scheduling system. In order to get access to the card locks you will also need to have your Vanderbilt ID Card scanned by Don Berry.

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- If you ever have a question about anything, just ask. -

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Please review and fill out the following forms and send them to Ron Reiserer:

Lab User Form

Project Proposal Form

Protocol Proposal Form


Please review this important information before conducting any research in our laboratories: 

Lab Safety Resources