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The VIIBRE Microfabrication Core (MFC) offers cleanroom facilities including photolithography and microfabrication labs, as well as expertise for the design, manufacture, and implementation of micro- and other small-scale electronic, mechanical, and fluidic devices.

Microfluidics allow for real-time studies and observation of cell behavior and interactions in optically transparent, oxygen permeable, biocompatible micro-habitats. They provide the ability to confine cells in small, physiologically relevant volumes and facilitate co-culture of different cell types with defined fluidic connectivity.  

Typical products include fluidic networks, cost-effective pumps, various chemotaxis chambers and gradient generators, on-chip valves, multilayer devices, arrays of microfabricated traps and elements for cellular study, implantable devices for in vivo imaging, liquid and gas control systems, biological habitats and environments, 3D scaffolds,  microbioreactors, and more.

Our products are fully customizable, and consultants are available to discuss your specific needs and produce device and instruments for your research .

To learn more, schedule training or chat about your research needs, please contact David Schaffer .


MFC Brochure