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Restricted Parties & Countries of Concern

Restricted Parties

Certain organizations and individuals are subject to sanctions, embargoes, and other restrictions under U.S. law. Before you transact with any person or organization, use the screening tool at to ensure they are not a blocked or sanctioned entity.

Please contact with any questions on screening or if the person or organization searched is listed as a restricted party.



Countries of Concern

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is responsible for enforcing all U.S.embargoes and sanction programs. Depending on each country’s embargo or sanction program, different activities may or may not be prohibited without a specific government authorization or license.

For information on controls for all countries, see the Commerce Country Chart published by the Bureau of Industry and Security. For information on foreign nationals, vessels, or other entities, use the OFAC Sanctions List Search resource published by the Department of the Treasury.

The OFAC sanction programs can be generalized into three categories:

  • “Comprehensive” – ALL interactions and activities are prohibited, including exporting to, importing from, financial transactions of any kind, and/or providing services of any kind. While essentially all interactions with comprehensively sanctioned countries are prohibited, there is an exception for informational materials that allows certain transactions to occur.
  • “Limited” – Under limited sanctions programs only some activities (e.g., importation of items) are prohibited.
  • “Regime or List-Based” – Regime or List-Based sanctions are targeted against specific individuals identified by the Treasury Department and referred to as Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) or are targeted against specific groups of people usually associated with a governmental body or regime.

For an updated list of currently sanctioned countries and programs see the OFAC Sanctions Programs and Country Information.

For information on controls and reasons for the controls for each country, see the Commerce Country Chart published by the Bureau of Industry and Security.



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