October 4th, 2013

Call for Participants in Sound Urban Intervention Project

Boom Box Bikes is a collaborative Sound Urban Intervention Project led by University of São Paulo Professor Mario Ramiro and Vanderbilt Professor Mark Hosford. This project is part of Conversations/Conversas, an exchange project between Vanderbilt University and the University of São Paulo.  The project base location will be room 104 in the Ingram Studio Arts Center.

All university students are encouraged to join and participate in this project, regardless of discipline. The more participants that take part in the project, the better the project can become. Schedules, photos, and videos will be updated on this site as the project evolves.

The goal of the project is to create a fleet of bicycles equipped with battery powered sound systems in order to create mobile sound performances through the city of Nashville. These bicycles will serve as a moving mixing board as bicycles merge and diverge away from each other through the street.

During October 21-29, help will be needed in the following catagories:

- Decorating bicycles
- Putting together racks and platforms on bikes
- Creating boxes for sound systems on bikes
- Wiring sound systems
- Creating music for sound performances
- Bike riders once fleet is complete (sound will be controlled via ipods and smartphones)
- Videographers to record footage of project

For more information, please email

Visit the website at


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