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2-2015 Kathleen M. Doherty, David E. Lewis and Scott Limbocker

Controlling Agency Choke Points: Presidents and Regulatory Personnel Turnover

1-2015 Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman

Incorporating Legislative Effectiveness into Nonmarket Strategy: The Case of Financial Services Reform and the Great Recession

7-2014 Matthew P. Hitt, Craig Volden, and Alan E. Wiseman

Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness

6-2014 Craig Brett and John A. Weymark

Citizen Candidates and Voting Over Incentive‐Compatible Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules

5-2014 John A. Weymark Cognitive Diversity, Binary Decisions, and Epistemic Democracy EER
4-2014 Zeynep Somer-Topcu Everything to Everyone: The Electoral Consequences of Broad Policy Appeals in Europe EER
3-2014 Bruce I. Oppenheimer It's Hard to Get Mileage Out of Congress: Struggling Over CAFE Standards, 1973-2013 LPP
2-2014 Bruce I. Oppenheimer ANWR and CAFE: Frustrating Energy Production and Conservation Initiatives over Three Decades LPP
1-2014 Alexander Kuo, Neil Malhotra,  and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo Why Do Asian Americans Identify as Democrats? Testing Theories of Social Exclusion and Intergroup Solidarity EER
11-2013 Gary E. Hollibaugh, Gabriel Horton, and David E. Lewis Presidents and Patronage EPRP
10-2013 Keith Krehbiel, Adam Meirowitz, and Alan E. Wiseman A Theory of Competitive Partisan Lawmaking LPP
9-2013 Jennifer L. Selin The Diversity of Delegation and Consequences for Bureaucratic Responsiveness EPRP, LPP
8-2013 Jennifer L. Selin What Makes an Agency Independent? EPRP
7-2013 Craig Volden, Alan E. WIseman, and Dana E. Wittmer Women's Issues and Their Fates in Congress LPP
6-2013 Larry M. Bartels Political Effects Of The Great Recession EER
5-2013 Christopher H. Achen and Larry M. Bartels Blind Retrospection:  Why Shark Attacks Are Bad For Democracy EER
4-2013 Larry M. Bartels Ideology and Retrospection in Electoral Responses to the Great Recession EER
3-2013 Larry M. Bartels, Joshua D. Clinton, and John G. Geer "Representation" For Oxford Handbook of American Political Development EER, LPP
2-2013  Anthony M. Bertelli and        David E. Lewis Policy Influence, Agency-Specific Expertise, and Exit in the Federal Service EPRP
1-2013 Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer R. Reinganum The Effect of Third-Party Funding of Plaintiffs on Settlement  EPRP
8-2012 Jerry Ellig and Alan E. Wiseman Price Effects and the Commerce Clause:             The Case of State Wine Shipping Laws EPRP
7-2012 Joshua D. Clinton and Jason A. Grissom Public Information, Public Learning, and Public Opinion:  Democratic Accountability in Education Policy LPP
6-2012 Dave E. Lewis and Abby K. Wood The Paradox of Agency Responsiveness: A Federal FOIA Experiment EPRP
5-2012 Joshua D. Clinton, David E. Lewis and Jen Selin Influencing the Bureaucracy: The Irony of Congressional Oversight  EPRP
4-2012 Joshua D. Clinton and Steven Rogers Robo-Polls: Taking Cues from Traditional Sources?  EER
3-2012 Joshua D. Clinton and Ted Enamorado The Fox News Factor: How the Spread of Fox News Affects Position Taking in Congress MDSG
2-2012 John G. Geer The News Media and the Rise of Negativity in Presidential Campaigns  EER
1-2012 Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman Politics and the Regulation of Business  EPRP
2-2011 John Hudak Aiding and Abetting the President: Agency Responsiveness to Presidential Electoral Interests EPRP
1-2011 John Hudak The Politics of Federal Grants: Presidential Influence over the Distribution of Federal Funds EPRP
5-2010 Will Bullock and Joshua D. Clinton "More a Molehill than a Mountain: The Effects of the Blanket Primary on Elected Officials' Behavior in California" MDSG
4-2010 Craig Volden, Alan E. WIseman and Dana E. Wittmer The Legislative Effectiveness of Women in Congress LPP
3-2010 John Geer Fanning the Flames: the News Media’s Role in the Rise of Negativity in Presidential Campaigns EER, MDSG
2-2010 Gabe Horton and David E. Lewis Turkey Farms and Dead Pools: Competence and Connections in Obama Administration Appointments EPRP
1-2010 Nick Gallo and David E. Lewis The Consequences of Presidential Patronage for Agency Performance: A New Analysis of PART Scores  EPRP
5-2009 Joshua D. Clinton, Anthony Bertelli, Christian Grose, David E. Lewis and David C. Nixon Separated Powers in the United States: The Ideology of Agencies, Presidents and Congress EPRP
4-2009 David E. Lewis Policy Durability and Agency Design EPRP
3-2009 David E. Lewis with George Krause and James Douglas Does Delegation Insulate Policymaking from Politics? Evidence from Official Revenue Forecasts in the American States, 1987-2004 EPRP
2-2009 David E. Lewis Where do Presidents Politicize? Evidence from the George W. Bush Administration EPRP
1-2009 David E. Lewis Patronage Appointments in the Modern Presidency: Evidence from a Survey of Federal Executives EPRP

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Latest Research



6/30/15 CSDI Working Paper 2015-2 titled "Controlling Agency Choke Points: Presidents and Regulatory Personnel Turnover" has been released. The paper is authored by Kathleen M. Doherty, David E. Lewis and Scott Limbocker.

4/1/15 CSDI Working Paper 2015-1 titled"Incorporating Legislative Effectiveness into Nonmarket Strategy: The Case of Financial Services Reform and the Great Recession"has been released. The paper is authored by Craig Volden and CSDI Affiliate Alan E. Wiseman.

12/19/14 CSDI Working Paper 2014-7 titled ''Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness''has been released. The paper is authored by Matthew P. HittCraig Volden, and CSDI Affiliate Alan E. Wiseman.

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Media Spotlight - 8/19/15 - CSDI Co-Director Josh Clinton, graduate affiliate Carrie Roush, and Dr. John Lapinski, Director of the Elections Unit at NBC news take a closer look at Trump supporters.

Washington Post - 8/3/15 - CSDI Co-Director David Lewis and graduate affiliate Mark Richardson's Survey on the Future of Government Service is examined - 7/22/15 - CSDI Co-director John Geer is quoted in an article about Donald Trump's participation in the upcoming republican presidential debate in Cleveland.

The Fiscal Times - 7/20/15 - CSDI Co-Director David Lewis is quoted in an article about Jeb Bush's plan to reduce the federal workforce.

Newsweek -7/17/15 - CSDI Co-Director David Lewis discusses "How to Keep Good People Working in Government."

Tennessean - 7/10/15 - CSDI Co-Directors Joshua Clinton and John Geer Op-Ed, "Beware of Internal Polls to Name Nashville's Next Mayor


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