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Archived News - 2013

  • 11/16/13 The New York Times recently featured the Vanderbilt Poll in a piece on Governor Haslam's deliberations regarding Medicaid expansion: "A May poll by Vanderbilt University's Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions showed him with a 63 percent approval rating. The same poll, however, found that 60 percent of respondents favored the expansion of Medicaid in the state."
  • 9/30/2013 CSDI Affiliate, Gary Gerstle received the Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. This was announced at the September 17, 2013 Arts and Science College Faculty meeting. Also, Gerstle was interviewed extensively for a landmark PBS documentary series on the experience of Latino Americans in the United States. Latino Americans began airing on PBS Sept. 17 and continues on Tuesdays through Oct. 1.
  • 08/22/13 - New committees appointed to help with strategic planning ( The Executive Committee, led by co-chairs John Geer in the Department of Political Science and Susan Wente in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, met regularly with Zeppos over the summer to formulate key concepts and goals for the strategic plan. Other CSDI affiliates include, Josh Clinton, John Sloop (Communications) and Christopher Loss (Peabody).
  • 08/15/13 ( Congratulations to CSDI Affiliate and Law School Professor Kevin Stack, whose recent article, "Interpreting Regulations" (111 Mich. L. Rev. 355 (2012)) was recognized as the as the co-recipient of the American Bar Association's Administrative Law Section's 2013 Annual Scholarship Award.
  • 07/23/13 - Tracy George is the New Tarkington professor of Teaching Excellence. (law.
  • 04/05/13 - ( Congratulations to former CSDI postdoctoral fellow Andrew Therriault on his recent publication "Cross Pressure Scores: An Individual-Level Measure of Cumulative Partisan Pressures Arising from Social Group Memberships," (with Ted Brader, University of Michigan, and Josh Tucker, NYU, in Political Behavior (2013).
  • 03/27/13 - Chicago Millionaires Survey Reveals Insight Into Minds of the Wealthy - Local Neighborhood News - (DNAInfo.comChicago) - "In their study, published in the March issue of Perspectives on Politics, Northwestern University professors Benjamin I. Page and Jason Seawright and Larry Bartels of Vanderbilt University, say the beliefs of the rich need to be studied because they are politically powerful."
  • 03/27/13 - VU prof study shows wealthy Americans averse to supporting national health care programs - By Linda Bryant -( - The wealthiest Americans are urgently concerned with reducing the national deficit and look favorably on cutting social programs such as Social Security to do so, according to a new study co-authored by Vanderbilt University professor Larry Bartels.
  • 03/26/13 The 1% Aren't Like the Rest of Us (
  • 03/26/13 - Top 1 percent aren't like the rest of us (Pioneer by Ben Page and Larry Bartels
  • 03/22/13 - The 1% aren't like the rest of us (LA TIMES) by Benjamin I. Page and Larry M. Bartels - The ultra-rich share few of the priorities of most Americans, but their access to policymakers is greater, a study finds.
  • 03/22/13 - The Politics of Austerity and the Influence of the 1% (The American Conservative) - By Samuel Goldman - But who actually cares about federal spending and borrowing? According to the political scientists Benjamin I. Page and Larry Bartels, fiscal matters are the special obsession of the 1%. In a piece for the L.A. Times, Page and Bartels present evidence that the rich have a distinctive austerity agenda centered on deficit and debt reduction, while the broad public care more about jobs and protecting entitlements.
  • 03/21/13 - Once Few, Women Hold More Power in Senate (New York Times) - By Jennifer Steinhauer - Features research conducted by Alan E. Wiseman: "In a recent article in the American Journal of Political Science, "When Are Women More Effective Lawmakers Than Men?." the authors found, for example, that the dynamic tends to favor women in the minority party. In particular, the study found "while men may choose to obstruct and delay, women continue to strive to build coalitions and bring about new policies."
  • 03/21/13 - GOP looks to red states' successes for answers (CNN) - "It's important for them to think about that at this juncture," said CSDI Co-Director John Geer in an interview with CNN, today. "They are successful at the state level, so why isn't that the case on federal level? Is it because they don't have the right candidate or right message?"
  • 03/15/13 - Congratulations to CSDI Affiliate and Professor of Law, Michael Vandenbergh, on the forthcoming publication of his new paper, titled "Private Environmental Governance" in the Cornell Law Review.
  • 02/18/13 - States Rights bills Flooding Tennessee Capitol ( - By Tom Humphrey - "John Geer, a Vanderbilt University political science professor who oversees the university's polling of Tennesseans, says an emphasis on states' rights may be expected with the present strong Republican majority. "They have more faith in the state doing things than the federal government doing things," Geer said, noting a recent Vanderbilt poll that found 73 percent of Republicans — as opposed to 31 percent of Democrats — would prefer the state operation of a health care exchange over federal operation."
  • 02/08/13 - Geer and Clinton present Vanderbilt Poll results to TPA (Vanderbilt News) - By Jim Patterson - Members of the Tennessee Press Association heard from two Vanderbilt political scientists Feb. 6 as part of the media's preparation to cover the 108th General Assembly. John Geer and Josh Clinton presented results from the Vanderbilt Poll on Tennessean's feelings about the Affordable Care Act, the popularity of Gov. Bill Haslam and other issues.
  • 01/24/13 - Study Casts Light on Political Robo-Polls (ABC News) - By Gary Langer - "...The authors, Joshua Clinton, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University, and Steve Rodgers, a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University, note that their results "are necessarily suggestive rather than definitive" – indicating the possibility that robo-polls, in which phone calls are automatically dialed with questions posed by a recorded voice, were adjusted to match previously released traditional polls, not proving it...."
  • 01/23/13 - - Hope, cynicism run high for second Obama term ( - By John Fritze - "...Relying on executive action and focusing on international policy are hallmarks of second-term presidencies, said David E. Lewis, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University. Presidents have less political capital with Congress as second terms run out, particularly as jockeying for the next election begins."By the time it's the third or fourth year, almost no one is listening to the president," Lewis said, referring to the political establishment in Washington. "It's going to make it incredibly difficult to get anything done if the president doesn't get things done quickly...."
  • 01/16/13 - Haslam wildly popular in Tennessee ( - By Sam McBride - "Governor Bill Haslam's extraordinarily high approval rating in Tennessee, 68 percent according to a Vanderbilt poll, makes him a politician to watch in future national elections, according to John Geer..."
  • 01/16/13 - How Big Is Government ( - By John Kamensky : Feature story on ACUS Sourcebook; reference to David E Lewis and Jennifer Selin,

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Tennessean -  Reports "Vanderbilt receives $1M grant to combat child labor." The $1M grant was awarded to CSDI Affiliate Cecilia Mo from the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Washington Post - Larry Bartels asks "Can 'conservative principles' boost working-class incomes?"

Washington Post - Alan Wiseman and Craig Volden outline "The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Legislators."

Tennessean - Latest Vanderbilt Poll showcases Tennesseans' views on abortion, Common Core and Medicaid Expansion

NYT - Larry Bartels has documented that the rich have about three times as much influence as the poor on votes in the United States Senate.

VoxWhy the Israel-Palestine conversation is so polarized -  A 2006 study by Larry Bartels and Chris Achen (Princeton) is referenced. 

Vanderbilt News In 2013, Seigenthaler and author David Maraniss co-led a conversation at the First Amendment Center about the Gettysburg Address to mark its 150th anniversary...

Washington Post  - U.S. presidential election results, for example, can be remarkably and accurately predicted by economic growth preceding the election...

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