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Events - SPRING 2014


January 10:   - "Behavioral War Powers: Psychology, Decision-Making, and Institutional Design."  Ganesh Sitaraman , CSDI Affiliate, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt Law School 

January 17: Graduate Student Poster Session - No CSDI Seminar

January 24: "Ethnicity and Electoral Fraud in New Democracies: Modelling Political Party Agents in Ghana." Nahomi Ichino - Associate Professor, Department of Government, Harvard University

January 31: No CSDI Seminar

February 7:   "Political Ideology and Racial Preferences in Online Dating."  Associate Professor of Political Economy, Stanford Graduate School of Business

February 14:  "An Experimental Study of Electoral Incentives and Institutional Choice."  Jonathan Woon,  Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, CSDI Visiting Scholar

February 21:  "Elections, Protest, and Alternation of Power." Andrew Little, Assistant Professor, Department of Government, Cornell University (Presented in partnership with International Relations Colloquium)

February 28:  "Letting the Sun In: Administrative Procedure, Transparency, and Congressional Control of Executive Agencies."  Kathleen M. Doherty,  CSDI Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Jennifer L Selin , CSDI Graduate Affiliate, Doctoral Student, Political Science Department, Vanderbilt University

March 7: Spring Break

March 12: "Do Moderate Voters Weigh Candidates' Ideologies?  Voters' Decision Rules in the 2010 Congressional Elections."   James Adams, Professor, Department of Political Science, UC Davis

March 14&15: Special Event: - "Democracy for Realists" Workshop co-hosted by Christopher Achen and CSDI Co-Director  Larry Bartels, Friday, 12:00-4:45 PM, Saturday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 349 Ingram Commons

March 21:  Special Event - "Are We Happy With the State of Public Opinion Research?" Roundtable Discussion with CSDI Senior Visiting Professor John Zaller (UCLA),special guests Robert Luskin, (UT Austin), CSDI Visiting Professor Markus Prior (Princeton University), 10:00 AM-12:00 PM; 3:00-5:00 PM, 363 Ingram Commons.

March 28: "Legislative Effectiveness in the United States Congress: The Lawmakers." Alan E. Wiseman, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University, Associate Professor of Law (by Courtesy), Vanderbilt University, Co-Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions

April 1: "Strategic Voting in Plurality Rule Elections."  David P. Myatt, Professor of Economics, London Business School

April 4:  No CSDI Seminar

April 11: "Ideology, Learning, and Policy Diffusion: Experimental Evidence." Craig Volden, Professor of Politics and Public Policy, University of Virginia, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

April 18: Term Limits: "Keeping Incumbents in Office."  Steven M. Rogers, CSDI Post-Doctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University

April 25: No CSDI Seminar

May 2: No CSDI Seminar

May 5: "Obama's Czar Problem: Rhetoric or Reality?"  Justin S. Vaughn, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Boise State University


CSDI aims to foster an engaging intellectual environment to explore how political institutions shape political debate, ameliorate conflicts, and influence public policy.

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Are We Happy with the State of Public Opinion Research?

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