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How can I vote?

Early Voting

Prior to most elections, Davidson County offers multiple locations across the county where registered Davidson County voters may cast their ballots early. The Early Voting period begins twenty (20) days before an election and typically ends five (5) days before Election Day. You may choose a location convenient to work or home – there are no assigned locations. Early Voting sites are open during the day, some evenings and on Saturday. Waits (if any) are usually shorter than on Election Day, and if you need to update your address, the process may be completed more quickly than on Election Day.

Visit the Davidson County Election Commission website for more information about early voting in Davidson County.


Voting on Election Day

On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned polling location. Vanderbilt University falls into two different districts – if you are registered to vote in Tennessee and live on campus, please be sure to confirm your polling location before heading to the polls on Election Day.

  • Most students registered with an address on the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons will vote on Election Day at Murrell School (1450 14th Ave. S).
  • Most students registered with an address on main campus will vote on Election Day at Eakin School (2500 Fairfax Ave.).

The above addresses are general information. Your specific Election Day polling location is determined by the address that you used to register to vote. Use the Nashville Polling Place Finder link to find your specific polling location.


Voting Requirements and Procedures by State

Federal and state elections are operated by the states themselves and no two states have identical registration and voting processes. The websites below will direct you to your state’s voting website that hosts important information and resources about voting requirements, registering to vote, voting absentee, and upcoming elections.