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Regional Traffic and Safety Information Dissemination – Phase 2

The Nashville Metropolitan Organization (MPO) area is home to several local transportation agencies, many with their own intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) also has made significant investment in this area and throughout the state. Significant opportunities are available to maximize the overall effectiveness and efficiency of these separate systems, and each agency would benefit from coordinating their systems, using standardized means of disseminating information, and sharing and syndicating travel information where possible.

Vanderbilt recently completed a project to assess the feasibility of integrating local agencies into the TDOT SmartWay Information System (TSIS) as well as how to assist local agencies with syndicating relevant traffic and safety information from SmartWay. Local transportation agencies are receptive to this regional approach to traffic and safety information dissemination. Vanderbilt will investigate mechanisms for interfacing one or more agencies with TSIS and will design and build a template for the agency to make use of TSIS RSS feeds. This pilot should lead to greater use of syndicated traffic information and increased communication between local agencies and TDOT. The project will also develop a working prototype for other local agencies to emulate.

TDOT has a powerful real-time traffic and safety information system in TSIS, the coverage of the system is limited to what TDOT field employees can observe. By incorporating local transportation agencies into TSIS, TDOT will expand its coverage and receive more information from these agencies about activities and events within their respective jurisdictions.

Project results will be implemented by the following:

  • Formal briefings with appropriate TDOT staff following completion of each major task
  • Preparation and presentation of a final report
  • Publication of a peer-reviewed article documenting the research approach and results of the pilot project

Please contact Prof. James Dobbins for more information about this project.