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Freight Transportation and Emergency Management: Profiles of 3 Stakeholder Groups

This paper offers profiles of three stakeholder groups with important interests in freight transportation and emergency management in the United States:

  • Public agencies responsible for emergency management
  • Public agencies responsible for transportation
  • Freight transportation businesses

Each group is described in terms of mission, budgets, numbers of employees, stakeholders, institutional arrangements, and the respective forums for collaboration, research, and professional development.  The components of the “national transportation system” are described as a preface to the sections on the transportation agencies and fright transportation businesses. Much of the information is elementary for individuals already familiar with one or more of these groups.  The intent is to provide basic information and suggested sources for more in depth information to help each group better understand the perspectives of other groups who share important responsibilities.

Most of the paper describes the stakeholders separately. However, the purpose is to encourage and facilitate more comparison, interaction, and advancement of mutual objectives.

The full paper is available on the VECTOR website at:

Please contact Malcolm Baird for more information on this project.