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Student Support Resources

If you’ve never before created a Top Hat account, please see here for a detailed look into how to create a Top Hat account and enroll in a Top Hat course: Student: Account Creation

If you’ve previously created a Top Hat account, simply login rather than signing-up. For information on adding your courses for this semester, please see here: Student: How do I Add or Disenrol from a Course?

How do I access my instructor’s materials and respond to polling questions?

You can use our website to participate. First, sign in and enter your course. When a question is asked by your professor, it will open automatically on your screen. Select or input your answer and then click Submit.

You can also download and use our native Android or iOS apps by searching for ‘Top Hat’ in each respective app store. After installing and logging into the app with your account information, you can participate directly from your mobile device. When a question is asked by your professor, it will open automatically on your device’s screen.

Student overview and guide

What if I’m a TA and I need to access a course to create questions?

The instructor will have to add you to the course as a TA. The Teaching Assistant role allows individuals to be added to courses with limited course management privileges. This role is particularly useful for the addition of individuals who have used (or are using) Top Hat as a student and simply need teaching assistant privileges enabled for specific courses on their existing student account. This step-by-step guide for Adding a TA to your Top Hat Course shows how an instructor can add at TA.

NOTE: Teaching Assistants do not have access to a course’s Gradebook, Student Manager or Course Settings. Access to these areas is restricted to only those that are listed as a Professor on a course.

What if I have problems with my Top Hat account?

Technical questions should be submitted directly to the Top Hat Help Desk. They have a team dedicated to Vanderbilt students and are ready to help! Your instructor will not be able to access your account to help troubleshoot. Therefore, you should direct all help requests to:

Chat with a Top Hat help desk person

Phone 8am-8pm M-F (888) 663-5491


Open a service ticket