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Vanderbilt sophomore attends release of National Climate Assessment at the White House

Posted by on Monday, November 27, 2023 in featured, News, Research, Sustainability Competition.

Gabrielle Beck, a sophomore studying neuroscience and environmental policy, attended the release of the fifth annual National Climate Assessment on Nov. 14 after receiving an all-expense-paid invitation from program Director Allison Crimmins. The National Climate Assessment, a congressionally mandated report released by the White House every four years, provides scientific information about climate change risks, impacts and responses across the United States.  

Beck was afforded this opportunity through her work as a Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education Fellow, where she has been able to take part in projects that deal directly with sustainability and climate change. Her recent undertakings include the creation of a climate change e-book for high school students, as well as working with a Nashville homeless advocacy organization to examine how extreme heat affects the health and overall well-being of unhoused individuals. 

Read more about Gabrielle’s experience in her own words here.

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