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Ride the bus for FREE with your Commodore Card

Posted by on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 in FutureVU, Transportation.

Taking the bus is FREE, convenient, sustainable and available to all. Just plan, swipe and ride! 

WeGo Public Transit is Nashville’s provider of local and regional bus and commuter rail service. Vanderbilt’s program provides all full-time and part-time Vanderbilt University students, faculty, staff and postdocs with free access to WeGo local buses, regional buses and WeGo Star with their Commodore Card. This service is available for any place and time, not only when commuting to and from campus.

Your Commodore Card can take you where you want to go…with WeGo!


  • FREE for VU community members with Commodore Card. Less costly and more reliable than ridehail. Daily Parking Program participants earn a $0.50 incentive when they use this sustainable commute mode.
  • CONVENIENT bus lines near campus to popular and practical destinations. Great alternative if you don’t have access to your own vehicle. Travel without the hassle of finding parking!
  • SUSTAINABLE way to move around the city that is in line with Vanderbilt’s value of sustainability. Riding the bus leads to reduced carbon emissions, air pollution and traffic congestion and increased fuel efficiency (APTA estimates that public transit saves 4.2 billion gallons of gas in the US alone each year).
  • AVAILABLE TO ALL including students, faculty, staff and postdocs, whether full-time or part-time.


Mr. C plans his bus tripPLAN!


Mr. C swipes his Commodore Card to take the bus


  • Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes in advance
  • Confirm that it is the correct bus
  • Swipe Commodore Card on local & regional buses, show your card on WeGo Star

Mr. C rides the bus


  • Use WeGo’s free Wi-Fi to catch up on homework or the latest news, read a book or people watch during your ride
  • To determine your stop, either follow route on GPS or ask the bus driver
  • Request stop by pulling on the yellow line or pushing button
  • Depart bus and head to your final destination!


More than 15 convenient bus stops around campus.

  • #3 and #5 on West End Avenue
  • #7 on 21st Avenue
  • #25 on Edgehill Avenue

Popular destinations are just minutes away. Practical places (grocery store, internships, etc.) are too.
Time* from The Ingram Commons:

  • BNA airport – 20 minutes on #18 after a transfer in downtown
  • Broadway – 11 minutes on #7
  • Bridgestone Arena – 10 minutes on #7
  • The Frist – 9 minutes on #7
  • Green Hills – 14 minutes on #7
  • The Gulch – 15 minutes on #7
  • Kroger – 14 minutes on #7
  • The Ryman – 11 minutes on #7

*Times factor taking the bus to the closest stop and a walk. Times may vary due to location and traffic.

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