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Improved Paper Recycling Options through Partnership with Cintas, Inc.

Posted by on Friday, June 27, 2014 in News, Procurement, Waste & Recycling.

[Originally posted by MyVUMC]

Vanderbilt University and Medical Center recently renegotiated its contract with Cintas, recycle_ltgreenInc., for confidential paper recycling. The new contract will result in lower cost and improved recycling options across the entire campus.

With the new Cintas contract, employees can help further reduce institutional costs by using the Cintas containers to also dispose of non-confidential paper. This new recycling option will also have a positive impact on the University’s overall waste stream and the environment.

“If you have Cintas secured paper recycling containers in your area, please feel free now to place ANY kind of paper, confidential or otherwise, in these containers,” said Charles Nicholas, director of Procurement Services. “The bins are for confidential paper such as HIPAA and FERPA-regulated documents first and foremost, but any kind of paper, magazines, or other paper products can now be placed into the Cintas containers. All paper securely collected from Cintas is immediately shredded, pulped and recycled to the paper mills which further supports our commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Thanks to past efforts, Vanderbilt recycled 1,471 tons (2.9 million pounds) of confidential paper in 2013 through Cintas, which saved 35,300 trees and kept over 100 garbage trucks of paper from being disposed in the local landfill.

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