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2013 Green Fund winners announced

Posted by on Thursday, April 4, 2013 in Energy, News, Sustainability Project, Water.

[Originally posted by InsideVandy]

The 2013 winners of the Vanderbilt Green Fund were announced this week. The Green Fund, which was established in the spring 2011, connects student sustainability ideas with the means to implement them via university funds. The winners were selected based on the the project’s adherence to the criteria of being “visible and educational in nature.”

The winners:

Green Lights (Sam Smith and Michael Diamond)

Find out how your dorm stacks up against other dorms at Vanderbilt in real-time energy usage

Amount: $25,000

Faculty adviser: Mitch Lampley

Solar Evacuated Heating Tubes (Sommers Klein)

Harnessing the sun for daytime showers at the Rec Center


Faculty adviser: Darren Bevill

Occupancy Sensors for Restroom Lighting (Matt Cooley, Drew Martin and Julie Schnur)

Forget to turn off your lights again? No worries, these sensors will do it for you.


Faculty adviser: Darren Bevill

High-Performance Showers (Skyler Hutto)

Less water. Same pressure. More savings. We promise.


Faculty adviser: Andrea George

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