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Protection of Minors

Vanderbilt believes strongly in educating individuals on best practices for keeping minors safe. The Protection of Minors policy was created to standardize University practices and to establish expected codes of conduct when interacting with minors. All undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are required to annually complete an educational module on protecting minors.

Protection of Minors Policy

The Protection of Minors Policy is administered by the Office of Risk Management. Further resources and information about this policy and the requirements can be found on the Vanderbilt Risk Management website.

Protection of Minors and You

As referenced in the policy, ALL Vanderbilt undergraduate, graduate, and professional students–even those who do not currently plan to work directly with minors–must first take the Protection of Minors 101 or Protecting Youth module to be in compliance. Each subsequent year of enrollment, a Protection of Minors Annual Renewal must be completed. Links to the modules can be accessed on the Online Modules page. Note: You must use your VUnetID to access these modules. 

What is my Protection of Minors Status?

Click here to check your status. When checking your status, refer to the “Training” area to see either a completion date or “No Record”. “No Record” means you will have to complete the Protecting Youth module. A date that is before July 1, 2019 means you will have to complete Protection of Minors Annual Renewal 2019-2020.

Protection of Minors and Student Organizations

Student Organizations that work with minors must go through a registration process with the Office of Student Organizations and follow all aspects of the POM Student Organization Leader Packet. As a student organization leader, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Be knowledgeable of the Protection of Minors policy and the rules for registering, tracking, and participating in an event that involves minors.
  2. Distribute relevant Protection of Minors information to your organization members.
  3. Ensure that every member of the organization’s roster completes the Protecting Youth module, or, if they completed the Protection of Minors 101 module before July 1 of the current academic year, the applicable Protection of Minors Annual Renewal module prior to any event with minors.

*If you are a student organization that is required to complete a background check, all members of the roster must be in compliance with that requirement as well.

Students with questions about the Protection of Minors policy

Please contact Diana Morris at