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Cross-College Teaching

The goal of the Cross-College Teaching committee is to develop a plan to allow faculty to conceive and structure innovative courses that exploit the natural synergies among Vanderbilt’s 10 colleges. The committee will offer support, including incentives, to professors who wish to team-teach with colleagues in other schools. The result should be innovative courses that break through traditional school boundaries, such as Law and Education, Demography and Health, or Music and Business.

Committee Members:

  • Chair John Geer, Provost’s Office
  • Ex-officio Cynthia Cyrus, Provost’s Office
  • Ellen Armour, Divinity School
  • Robin Fountain, Blair School of Music
  • Christopher Loss, Peabody College of education and human development
  • Jonathan Metzl, College of Arts and Science
  • David Miller, School of Medicine
  • David Owens, Owen Graduate School of Management
  • Doug Schmidt, School of Engineering
  • Mavis Schorn, School of Nursing
  • Kevin Stack, Law School

Graduate Assistant:  Robert King 

Reports & News

Chancellor launches University Courses trans-institutional initiative; proposals due Dec. 14

Cross-College Teaching End of Year Report 2014-2015

To offer feedback, you may email any of the committees members or submit to the Strategic Plan leadership directly by using this form.