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2008 Student Testimonials

“I was never alone.  I received a lot of supervision for the first few weeks from post-docs and graduate students, which was very good.  After that I have been getting more done by working independently.”


“I settled back [at my university] quite alright. Classes have begun in earnest.  My supervisor here is excited and impressed by the work I  did in the summer.  He asked me to seek permission to  present it at the ACS meeting in Utah in April. I really cannot thank you enough for the wonderful stay at  Nashville. My outlook on science and research has greatly improved.   I also feel much more confident of my abilities as a scientist and I  am looking forward to starting my semester's project here.”


“They took better care of me at Vanderbilt than at my university.”


“The experience of this ten-week internship has been challenging and rewarding. This is unlike any other undergraduate science internships that I know of. I was treated more like a graduate student than a technician in that I was expected to not only participate on the bench, but also to plan experiments and to periodically meet with my advisor and mentor to discuss and examine the direction of the project. This experience has been invaluable in training me as an independent thinker and in preparing me to become a well-rounded scientist.”


“I feel more confident about my ability to conduct and present research.”


“It was definitely a positive experience with the right balance of work and relaxation.  The people I worked with and the other interns made it even better.”