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Posted by on Thursday, July 5, 2012 in Read About It, Summer 2012.

Small Pleasures

One of life’s small pleasures for me is sitting with a cup of tea on my patio relaxing in sunny California reading the Peabody Reflector. The winter 2012 issue was no exception. While I enjoy the overall format, photographs and layout of the magazine, I particularly enjoy reading the research news section. I was touched reading an excerpt from a study previously published in Developmental Science related to autism “sticky mittens” and infant early training and social development at the Kennedy Center (p. 12). Autism is such an important issue right now and the more faculty and researchers can explore ways to help all children succeed in life deserves our attention.

Although I am many miles away, the Reflector has kept me informed about many events both past and present. Thanks for providing such a variety of pertinent and interesting information happening at Peabody!

Joan C. Fingon, EdD’90
Sylmar, Calif.

The Reflector is most informative, and I enjoy the covers—the winter 2012 knight and hydra head and, a few years ago, the endless apple peeler.

Possible future essays might present information about how the Jeffersonian ideal campus was chosen, commitment to international students, children’s literature collection and special summer attractions. That watermelon picture rang a bell!

As I enrolled at Peabody in fall 1962, I am now a 50th anniversary admirer.

Congratulations on a fine publication.

Betsy Moriarty, BS’66
Tullahoma, Tenn.

Planet Peabody

Best issue of the Peabody Reflector on record. Is the photo of the Peabody campus available as a print? Most unusual. Thank you!

John Burgin, PhD’71
Jefferson City, Tenn.

I am fascinated by the wonderful fisheye photograph in the back of the latest issue of the Reflector! Could you possibly tell me anything about how the photo was made and if copies of it are available? It is a wonderful photograph. Thanks for publishing it.

Mary Ann Brown, BS’58, MALS’60
Durham N.C.

Regarding the 2012 Reflector photograph of Planet Peabody, it is a wonderful memory for me! However from my artistic viewpoint it is a “Peabody Eye” with the lovely grass medial as its pupil. How fortunate it is still the heart and eye of its campus!

Is it possible to have this available for purchase as a print for mounting? I would like one.

Mary Anne Socey Rowan, BS’62
Columbia, Tenn.

Editor’s Note: Many people have contacted us by email, through Peabody’s website and Facebook pages and in writing to ask if the Planet Peabody shot is available to purchase. We are happy to say that it is available through Replay Photos:

More about Dr. Hall

In the summer edition of the Peabody Reflector, you published a picture of two men presumably gorging themselves on watermelon. One was Dr. A. L. Crabb and the other was Dr. Clifton Hall. I remember three things about Dr. Hall.

First, he was meticulous in speech and dress. He spoke in measured words to be absolutely precise.

Second, in his introductory remarks to the class, he compared many students of the day to “the gallant knight who upon hearing the fair maiden scream, jumped on his white charger and galloped off in all directions at once.”

Third, he also led an enormous conga line (with at least 50 students) back and forth across campus for a charitable fundraising event.

He was an excellent and delightful teacher.

William D. Nagle, MA’54
Burnsville, N.C.


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