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New Faculty

Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2012 in Around the Mall, Issue, Winter 2012.

Jason Grissom

Carrie A. Kortegast

Christine Quinn Trank

Carrie Masten

Kristopher Preacher

Erik Carter

The Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations welcomed three new faculty members this fall: Jason Grissom, assistant professor of public policy and education; Carrie A. Kortegast, assistant professor of the practice of higher education; and Christine Quinn Trank, senior lecturer in organizational leadership.

The Department of Psychology and Human Development welcomed Carrie Masten, assistant professor of psychology, developmental science and Kristopher Preacher, assistant professor of quantitative methods and evaluation.

The Department of Special Education welcomed Erik Carter, associate professor of special education.

The Department of Teaching and Learning welcomed five new faculty members: Molly Fuller Collins, lecturer; Molly S. Dalgarn, lecturer; Heather L. Johnson, assistant professor of the practice of science education; Emily Pendergrass, lecturer; and Mary Elizabeth Wilson-Patton, lecturer.


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