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Flood Relief

Posted by on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 in Reflections, Summer 2010.

On May 1 and 2, Nashville received almost 14 inches of rain. The flooding that came with this historic precipitation was widespread and will affect Nashville for years to come. More than 3,000 houses were submerged, and at least 10 people in the Nashville area drowned, either in their homes or cars. The Vanderbilt Clinic suffered some flooding damage, and on the Peabody campus, the Mayborn Building and North Hall were affected.

Nashvillians by the thousands volunteered to help pull out damaged drywall, flooring and insulation and haul flood-soaked belongings to the curb for disposal. Vanderbilt students helped in this effort as well. Pictured are A&S students Chris Rockwell and Cristina Fioramonti, and Peabody students Emily Baldwin and Kelsey Blum, who were but four of the many who volunteered to help the community with flood clean-up.


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