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Each year, the following awards are made to deserving members of the Vanderbilt JETLaw’s editorial staff.

Student Impact Award

Awarded to the third-year member who the staff editors believe made the most positive impact on the Journal.

2022-2023 Recipient: Lauren Bitter

2021-2022 Recipient: Gabrielle Haddad

2020-2021 Recipient: Eryn Terry

2019-2020 Recipient: Grant Newton

Chris Lantz Memorial outstanding service Award

Awarded to the student, other than the editor-in-chief, who has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of the Journal.

2021-2022 Recipient: Paul Schwartzentraub

2021-2022 Recipient: Katherine Ann Denney

2020-2021 Recipient: Carrie Cobb

2019-2020 Recipient: Amber Banks

Student Writing Award

Awarded to the student submitting the most outstanding piece of student writing for publication in the Journal.

2021-2022 Recipient: Cates Saleeby, How Free Should a Freeport Be?: Reducing Money Laundering in the Art Market through Freeport Regulation

2021-2022 Recipient: Chandler C. Gerard-Reimer, Race Cartels: How Constructor Collaboration is Curbing Innovation in Formula 1

2020-2021 Recipient: Ramon Ryan, The Fault in Our Stars: Challenging the FCC’s Treatment of Commercial Satellites as Categorically Excluded from Review under the National Environmental Policy Act

2019-2020 Recipient: Alice Haston, Keeping It Off the Record: Student Social Media Monitoring and the Need for Updated Student Records Laws