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Peabody psychologist: How fake news works

Oct. 20, 2017—Combating fake news and bolstering the public’s trust in journalism is the aim of a Vanderbilt research project that was selected to receive a share of a $1 million prize through the Knight Prototype Fund.

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Mind and Brain

RTI pioneers rebut evaluation, citing fidelity and structural problems

Oct. 18, 2017—The Response to Intervention initiative, commonly known in education circles as RTI, is being regarded unfairly in the wake of a negative national evaluation, according to Vanderbilt researchers.

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Special Education

Vanderbilt, State of Tennessee launch partnership to improve education

Oct. 17, 2017—Vanderbilt University and the Tennessee Department of Education have formed a new alliance that will produce a series of rigorous research studies to inform the state’s school improvement efforts.

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Education Policy

People with less financial knowledge unlikely to borrow for college

Oct. 16, 2017—People either with low levels of financial literacy or who have used payday lending are far less willing to borrow to pay for college, according to a new Vanderbilt study.

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Higher Education

App will help students self-monitor and improve classroom behavior

Oct. 15, 2017—K–12 schools in districts in Nashville, Tenn., and Iowa City, Iowa, will soon benefit from an iPad app designed by Vanderbilt professors to help students modify their own problem behavior. A self-monitoring intervention, MoBeGo (Monitoring Behavior on the Go) will provide critical support to teachers working with students who have challenging behaviors.

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Special Education Teaching and Learning

Vanderbilt Peabody launches online graduate degree programs

Oct. 13, 2017—Vanderbilt University is offering two new online degree programs for education professionals through Peabody Online, a partnership with 2U, Inc.

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Educational Psychology Human Development Leadership and Organizations School Leadership

Pre-K needs proper implementation and rigorous evaluation to succeed

Oct. 12, 2017—High-quality state- and district-run prekindergarten programs should be supported as long as they are implemented properly and evaluated with rigor, according to a new pre-K consensus report penned by Vanderbilt education researcher Mark Lipsey.

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Early Childhood Education Policy

Teacher merit pay has merit

Oct. 11, 2017—An analysis of existing research on teacher merit pay programs reveals that the highly debated practice is having a positive effect on student outcomes, according to a new Vanderbilt University report.

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Education Policy Teaching and Learning

TN principal exam fails to predict success; hinders diversity efforts

Oct. 10, 2017—Tennessee’s principal licensure exam is a poor predictor of effective leadership, and raising the cut score required for licensure could be counterproductive to diversity efforts, according to a new study by Vanderbilt University’s Tennessee Education Research Alliance.

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Education Policy School Leadership

Watch: A 45-year study has changed the way we view giftedness

Oct. 9, 2017—The world’s foremost longitudinal examination of gifted children is the subject of a new film, “Quick Learners; High Achievers: Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth.”

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Gifted Education