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Terrance Dean

Terrance Dean is a doctoral candidate in Homiletics & Liturgics in the Graduate Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University, Terrance studies the intersection of race, sex, sexuality, and gender in Homiletics and Liturgics. He is more specifically interested in how religious rhetoric abets black gay men's life politically and socially. Using the theoretical framework of disgust, Terrance is interested in the Black Church's (Pentecostal faith tradition) response to black gay men's race and sexuality as sights/sites of disgust. His dissertation, a comparative study of the US South and South Africa, will explore ways in which religious rhetoric informs and is bound up in the performance, articulation, expression, and experiences of black gay men's political and social lives, examining how experiences with the Black Church determines how they negotiate their sexuality in regards to their participation in the church, the black community, their families, and the world. He is also a published author and journalist who had a long career in the entertainment industry and the non-profit world prior to his current graduate work.