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Peter Capretto

Dr. Peter Capretto is a former Fellow in Theology and Practice at Vanderbilt University, where he completed the interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Religion, Psychology, and Culture. During his time at Vanderbilt, he also received the Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship for his project, “Social Recognition and the Ethics of Empathy in Pastoral Theological Anthropology,” which argues that pastoral and practical theology should move beyond the idea that being more empathic solves problems of tribalism in caregiving practices and political consciousness. Dr. Capretto’s publications on the ethics of caregiving, the continental philosophy of religion, and religion and the social sciences have appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the Journal of Religion and Health, The Heythrop Journal, Political Theology, as well as edited volumes. He is co-editor of Trauma and Transcendence: Suffering and the Limits of Theory (Fordham University Press, 2018), which includes contributions from leading trauma theorists in psychiatry, practical theology, sociology, philosophy, and critical race theory.


Dr. Capretto is now on faculty with Belmont University’s Honors Program and Lexington Theological Seminary, where he regularly teaches his research findings within liberal arts and theology curricula. Trained clinically as a crisis counselor, hospice chaplain, and pastoral counselor, he uses his classrooms situate religious and philosophical theory in close proximity to cultured and lived experiences of psychic trauma, loss, and mourning. He is also a former Graduate Writing Fellow with Vanderbilt University’s Writing Studio, where he practiced as a writing consultant and instructed in writing pedagogy.