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Ludwig Noya

Ludwig is a doctorate student in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the Graduate Department of Religion. He is minoring in the New Testament and Early Christian Studies, while also pursuing a graduate certificate in Jewish Studies. Ludwig holds a master’s degree in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies from Boston University, a master’s degree in Biblical Theology from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Jakarta, and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology from the Adventist University of Indonesia. His additional studies include several Classical Hebrew and Biblical Studies courses at Harvard University and Boston College, and he is also funded by the Biblical Archaeology Society to study archaeology at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Ludwig is interested in interrogating texts with specific attention to their social, economic, and political contexts. Postcolonial studies, class analysis, critical racial-ethnic studies, intersectionality, and socio-rhetorical criticism are his tools for reading texts. Beyond the textual inquiries, he is also interested in interrogating social authorizing practices. The Seventh-day Adventist tradition and the marginalization of indigenous religions are among Ludwig’s concerns. Before coming to the United States, he served as an adjunct faculty in the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Jakarta. At the same time, Ludwig taught religious education and cultural studies in an elementary and junior high school.