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Bridget Hall

Bridget Hall is a doctoral student in Ethics and Society and a Theology and Practice Fellow at Vanderbilt University. She earned her Masters of Divinity from Emory University Candler School of Theology and a Bachelors of Arts in History and Religion from Greensboro College. During her tenure at Greensboro College she received awards of distinction in history, religion, and education. She also received the Claude H. Thompson award for her work at the intersection of faith and justice while completing her studies at Candler. Bridget serves as an Ella Baker Trainer for the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School which provides her the kinds of opportunities to develop and refine a praxis of liberation, care, and justice for children, families, and communities effected structural oppression. Bridget is interested in the intersections of race, class/economics, and violence and the experiences of black children and women. She seeks to invest her research in addressing the multifaceted and intersectional oppression and violence that black children from economically deprived families and communities face in their everyday lives. Bridget’s work will draw on black feminist and womanist ethics, pastoral theology, African American and diaspora studies, pragmatism, child psychology, and social and political philosophy.