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Employee Learning and Development E-Newsletter [Vanderbilt University]

May 10, 2021

The Editor’s Note


Lately it seems there has been so much to celebrate, and I suppose that is a delightful thing given the past year we’ve had. Mother’s Day was celebrated this weekend and graduations have begun took place on middle school, high school, and college campuses across the nation. Graduations are great milestones that we reach along our educational journey. And while they symbolize the end of a learning phase, they also usher in a new beginning. This new beginning could mean moving on to the next level of education, or it could be the start of a new career. Whichever is the case, we must recognize that learning does not cease. In many instances it only increases as we take on new challenges that are often presented as a result of achieving this milestone.

As we move through “graduation season” let’s take a moment to reflect on where we are with our learning. Are we continuing to learn and grow by taking on new challenges or learning opportunities? Have we become stagnant and adopted an “I’ve arrived” mentality, which may signal that there’s nothing more to learn? Wherever your reflection takes you, I hope you’re inspired or reminded that learning is a gift that keeps on giving.


Monday Inspiration

“You’re better off owning your mistakes than making excuses. You can control the narrative by explaining how a setback has made you stronger or smarter.” —  Adam Grant

Employee Learning & Engagement Events


Thursday, May 20th, 11am – 12pm CST

Improving your emotional quotient (EQ) can work to your benefit, whether at home or in the workplace. Attend this workshop and learn to detect the emotional current in everyday situations and how to navigate them successfully.



Join the Employee Learning & Engagement team in celebrating Diversity Awareness Month via our Virtual Thought Leader Speaker Series! The upcoming session hosts Ellen Nodine, Director of Programs and Training at the Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida.



Mark your calendar for May 26th1:30pm – 2:30pm CST, for our discussion from the featured podcast, How to Rest As Hard As You Work. Co-authors of the book, Time Off, John Fitch and Max Frenzel, challenge conventional thinking about work and leisure, introducing key concepts like rest ethic to really get listeners rethinking their perception of time off. Sign up today and you might be the lucky winner of a giveaway!

To participate, please listen to the designated podcast episode and reserve your seat. Podcasts will rotate, to offer opportunity for community members to engage with different topics, hosts, and ideas.

****To register and learn more about upcoming workshops, please visit our website here. You can also view what’s on the horizon and register for future events.****

Campus Partner Opportunities

The Vanderbilt University Alumni Association Presents:

COVID-19 and Education: Challenges and Hope for the Future

Join faculty director of the Tennessee Education Research Alliance (TERA), John Grissom, as he discusses community and schools’ responses to COVID-19 and the possible impact on student outcomes.

  • May 19th: 7pm – 8pm ET – Learn more and register here

How the Brain Remembers

The School of Medicine Basic Sciences hosts New York Times best selling author and neuroscientist, Lisa Genova.

  • May 26th: 11am – 12pm CST – Learn more and register here


Upcoming ‘Disrupting Everyday Bias’ Sessions

Register for upcoming sessions via Oracle Learning here.

  • May 27th: 10am – 12pm CST
  • July 26th: 1pm – 3pm CST


‘The Business of VU’ Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2021 Cohort

Interested in learning about the business operations of Vanderbilt University? The Business of VU program is now accepting applications for its fifth cohort. The application deadline is June 7th. Diverse perspectives from students, faculty, and staff are highly welcomed and encouraged. By late July notification of acceptance in the cohort will be announced to 35 participants for this engaging experience. Be sure to visit the Financial Operations and Planning website to learn more and apply.


Developmental Learning with the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center’s Owl Program

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your work-life balance while providing a developmental learning opportunity for your kindergartner, consider the Owls Program! With a focus on 21st Century learning skills, the program emphasizes creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

The program is open to children turning five years of age on August 15th and school begins on Monday, August 9, 2021. VCFC accepts rolling applications from employees of VU, VUMC, and families in the community (three more enrollment spots are available). To learn more, visit the VCFC Owls Program website.

Did You Know…? 

According to Gallup, millennials makeup the largest age group in the U.S. workforce today. Prior to the pandemic this group was found to be least engaged and most likely to quit their job. However, recent Gallup analytics revealed that “75% of some millennials are engaged at work” (namely, those who work remotely) compared to a national average of only 35% in 2019. So, what is it about remote work that appeals to the largest group in the U.S workforce? Over time, data collected by Gallup identified a “desire for flexibility and greater work-life balance” as factors that are now offered more commonly since the pandemic via remote work. Ultimately, satisfying those needs is keeping millennials engaged at work and benefitting the workforce in general.

Interested in learning more? Click here.

Virtual & Community Events

It’s Almost Time for The Summit: Advancing Inclusion & Diversity in the Workplace 

Get ready to explore the benefits of diversity and inclusion for building campus community as well as the role they play in leadership, recruitment and retention. The Summit will take place on Wednesday, May 19th, 8:30am – 4:00pm CST. To learn more and register for this event, click here.

Additional Learning Resources


First Person Plural: EI & Beyond | Adapting to an Ever-Changing World

Lunch & Listen in less than an hour!

Join emotional intelligence expert, Daniel Goleman, for a conversation with executive coach, Sanjay Rao Shaganti. Shaganti shares the story of a client who found success in a career that took her abroad, only to eventually return home and find it difficult to fit into the life she once knew. The conversation also touches on the role of adaptation in a global pandemic.



Eight Tips to Bounce Back After Making A Mistake at Work

(Forbes Young Entrepreneur Council, Forbes)

3 Actions for Leaders to Improve DEI in the Workplace

(Natasha Jamal and Teresa Tschida, Gallup)

4 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Accept People Who Don’t Share Your Values

(Tomas Chamorro-Premusik and Becky Frankiewicz,  Fast Company)



Coming This Week– Vanderbilt’s Innovation Center, The Wond’ry, Presents A Day of Wond’ry

Join the Wond’ry for a “Day of Wond’ry” on May 12, 2021 from 4pm – 6pm CST in celebration of the great innovators who work hard and bring forth awe-inspiring projects and creations.

This year’s fair will take place in Gather.town, a connection platform combining video conferencing with a 2D world to walk around in.

Register here for this fun-filled experience.



Grasp: The Science of Transforming How We Learn

Grasp was written before COVID, but the ideas in the book have never been more relevant. Coming out of the pandemic, higher education will enjoy a set of options and opportunities around teaching and learning that pre-COVID seemed mostly impossible.

We will have a choice. Do we return to the pre-pandemic teaching and learning status quo? Or do we follow the science of learning, and as institutions figure out ways to structure the educational environment in ways that assist (rather than impede) how professors teach and students learn?”


Want to read reviews or order a copy? Click here!


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Happy Learning!

The Employee Learning & Engagement Team


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