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Brand Style Guide


Video is one of the most engaging formats for storytelling and allows you to be current and creative. There is a lot of flexibility in video style, but certain guidelines can ensure your videos are successful and consistent with the Vanderbilt brand.

Supers and Captions

Supers (Name and Title)

Font style:

Names: Source Sans Pro Semibold

2nd line: Source Sans Pro Light

Color: White

Avoid complex supers that distract from or cover the subject of the video. Sometimes that means simplifying the person’s title to focus on what is most pertinent to the story.

Video: Supers


Font style:

  • Names: Source Sans Pro Light for everything except track
  • For track: Source Sans Pro Light Oblique

Color: White

Captions must be embedded in the video if it will be posted on Instagram or Twitter.

Video: Captions

Video Branding

Every video should have the Vanderbilt University signature in the upper left corner. Move the logo to the upper left corner of the outer safe title zone (indicated by the thin-lined boxes in the example shown below). Adjust the opacity of the signature to around 50%.

Video: Video Branding

Every video should have a Vanderbilt slate at the end of the video that clearly shows the video is a production of Vanderbilt University.

Use the option that displays the signature, or you may edit into a full-screen graphic a line with the signature and the identifying information for the college or administrative unit that is responsible for the video.

Video: Video Branding

Framing and Audio


  • Attempt to shoot with natural, directional light whenever possible.
  • Use the rule of thirds to create balance and visual interest.
  • Use a tripod or monopod to guarantee a steady shot.


  • It is important for audio quality to be as strong as video quality, so make sure you have a microphone.
  • Be careful of distracting background noise.
  • Hide the microphone when possible.

Events or Lectures

  • When possible, use multiple cameras so that you can capture both the performer and the audience.
  • Do not just lock down a shot. Focus on the speaker and take time to zoom in.
  • Do NOT leave a camera unattended.

Rights and Permissions

  • Ensure that you have the rights to use all material in your video.
  • Do not use copyrighted music, unless you have written permission.
  • There are cases when you may want written permission through a Vanderbilt audio/video recording release. Contact us for the waiver.
  • If you have any questions about copyright or other intellectual property rights related to video, please contact us.