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Brand Style Guide

Social Media

Social media gives Vanderbilt the opportunity to engage in ongoing  conversations with our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, colleagues, prospective students, fans and friends about what is most important to them, extending the community found on the Vanderbilt campus to the world.

If you manage a social media presence for the university, or are considering starting a social media account for any Vanderbilt school, department, organization or group, please familiarize yourself with the Social Media Handbook.

  • Social media icons: Schools, departments, student groups, etc. should not use the official black and gold V Symbol as their profile picture. Instead, they should contact the Vanderbilt University Social Media Team to have an icon created that follows Vanderbilt’s brand style guide.
  • Voice, tone and more: Although social media often offers an opportunity to share more light-hearted content, it should all be filtered through a voice and tone that are consistent with the overall Vanderbilt messaging. When you post from a school or departmental account, you are representing the entire university; using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and style are all important parts of conveying your message.
  • Personal accounts: If you identify yourself as a Vanderbilt employee – for example, through a bio or in comments – you should include language in your account description that clari-fies that you do not represent Vanderbilt University. Avoid using Vanderbilt/Vandy/VU etc. as part of your social media handle.

To find out more about password guidelines, strategy, goals, best practices and more: Explore Vanderbilt's Social Media Handbook »