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VCFC provides lunches and snacks for children, and reflecting compliance with DHS regulation. VCFC determines food items and portions by the USDA guidelines for children’s nutrition. VCFC will continue to research healthy meals for children in alignment with our university community’s values for sustainability and individual health (e.g., Campus Dining is aligning with an initiative that has a “plant forward” approach: ). Menus are published a minimum one week in advance of food service, and posted in the classroom, to support parent understanding.

Morning snack is served at approximately 9:00 AM
Lunch is served at approximately 11:30 AM
Afternoon snack is served between 2:45 PM and 3:15 PM                                                                                                     

Children arriving before 7:00 AM will be offered cereal and milk, or yogurt, if they did not eat breakfast at home.

Families managing children’s allergies are encouraged to communicate needs and concerns directly to their teachers and site director, so that VCFC can understand how to partner with parents to ensure children’s safety and health. As able and appropriate, VCFC endeavors to provide dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free and vegan meal options for children with medically documented health concerns. (Please review the VCFC Parent Handbook, page 10.)

2019 February Menu