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VCFC provides lunches and snacks for children on and after their first birthday. Children wash their hands and eat seated, family style, as an opportunity to explore sights, scents, tastes, and textures in a pro-social learning community.

VCFC food service complies with DHS regulation, and food items and portions reflect USDA guidelines for children’s nutrition. Lunches are “plant forward” and provide a serving of fluid milk. Menus are published a minimum one week in advance of food service.

  • Morning snack is served at approximately 9:00 AM
  • Lunch is served at approximately 11:30 AM
  • Afternoon snack is served at approximately 3:00 PM            

VCFC is excited to partner with VU Campus Dining Services as our nutrition vendor in support of our early childhood education program's alignment with the VU guiding principles for sustainability.



Nov 27 - Dec 1
Dec 4 - 8
Dec 11 - 15
Dec 18 - 21

 Information for Families 

Families managing children’s allergies are required to communicate directly to their teachers and site director so that VCFC can understand how to partner with parents to ensure children’s safety and health.

Parents that elect to bring their child’s lunch or snack must abide by the following:

  • Provide an insulated container labeled with the child’s first and last name. Please include a cold pack or thermos as necessary to maintain safe food temperatures.
  • VCFC will not heat to serve meals brought from home (with the exception of infant bottles in the first year of life).
  • Foods from home may not contain nuts or chocolate, may not be identified choking hazards (e.g., grapes, hotdogs), and must be low or no sugar in order to be offered to the child in the classroom.