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Committees and Initiatives


Diversity, Inclusion and Community Committee 

As a leader in research, teaching, and service to humanity, Vanderbilt must tirelessly persevere and aspire to be a leader in seeking creative and bold solutions to building a true community that values difference, and develops the incredible potential found in all who join our community.

Biomedical Sciences Committee 

Vanderbilt is an international leader in biomedical research, science, and education.  Our leadership in basic biomedical research also drives our trans-institutional strategy.  The progress we have made through excellence in scholarship and research and by leveraging across schools and departments is outstanding.

Humanities Committees

When I speak to audiences about Vanderbilt, the changes in higher education, and the mission of a great research university, I often say “We are all humanists.” What I mean is that whatever area of inquiry we undertake at Vanderbilt or at any great university, the ultimate questions of “why” or “how” or “who” or “when” are firmly grounded in the humanities.

Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Committee on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Central to Vanderbilt’s mission are our commitments to equality, compassion, leadership, and service to the community and society at large. In order to prepare and educate our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and transform the world, we must first offer them every opportunity not just to survive, but to thrive. Similarly, ensuring that Vanderbilt remains a leader in offering solutions to the challenges of a transforming world requires that we create an environment for faculty and staff that is truly conducive to creativity, bold innovation, uncharted discovery, and transformative teaching. To be sure, there is a breadth of meaning to “mental health and well-being,” including prevention, the continuum of care, overcoming stigma, and the role that cultural identity and other factors play in access to care.


Land Use Planning Initiative