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Grading Center Feature: Returning Assignments to Students

Posted by on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 in News.

The Grade Center provides useful features to keep track of student grades, customize the Grade Center to your course, and provide students feedback on their work. Recently, Blackboard support has fielded several questions from instructors about how to upload graded documents for students to view feedback within the Grade Center — even when the document was not originally submitted on Blackboard. For example, this uploaded document could be an emailed paper the instructor has marked up using Word review features. In order to maintain FERPA compliance, the instructor can upload the document to the Grade Center for confidential student communication. This allows the students to see the grade for the assignment and receive feedback in the same location. Our guide for uploading the returned document can be found in our on-demand resources. To be sure students can also locate the document, they can view the student guide for locating and viewing returned assignments.

If you have further questions how to do this, please email us at 615.322.0200 or email at