Welcome to the Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research

Advancements made at the Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research (VCAR) are instrumental in uncovering the intricate mechanisms underlying the development of addiction and substance use disorder in the brain. Research breakthroughs are actively contributing to the creation of effective treatments for individuals grappling with substance use disorder.

Addiction research areas include:

  • Cutting-edge research on the neural control of motivation and its dysregulation by drugs of abuse
  • Developing new pharmaceutical strategies to treat addiction
  • Public policy, outreach and education strategies to reduce the burden of addiction on local and regional communities
  • Human brain imaging to reveal insights into addiction and mental health

Our Vision

Through cutting edge biomedical research at the intersection of systems neuroscience, drug development, engineering, computer science, and more Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research is making a difference in the struggle against drug addiction. By spreading awareness and knowledge through education and community outreach, VCAR destimgatizes addiction to help people understand that addiction is a brain disorder, not a personal failing.

Resources & Outreach

Through cutting-edge research, the Center for Addiction Research is working to find new medications that can treat and ultimately put an end to addiction.


Your support directly contributes to these important initiatives, helping advance research that will end addiction.

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