Board of Trust

The Board of Trust’s mission is to help Vanderbilt University achieve its goal to become one of the top ten research and teaching universities in America and to be admired for its service to the community. 

The Mission Statement of Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is a center for scholarly research, informed and creative teaching, and service to the community and society at large. Vanderbilt will uphold the highest standards and be a leader in the

  • quest for new knowledge through scholarship,
  • dissemination of knowledge through teaching and outreach,
  • creative experimentation of ideas and concepts.

In pursuit of these goals, Vanderbilt values most highly

  • Intellectual freedom that supports open inquiry,
  • equality, compassion and excellence in all endeavors.


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      Trustees Emeriti

      • Mary Beth Adderley (La Jolla, CA)
      • Michael L. Ainslie (Palm Beach, FL)
      • Lee M. Bass (Fort Worth, TX)
      • Darryl D. Berger (New Orleans, LA)
      • Dennis C. Bottorff (Nashville, TN)
      • Shirley M. Collado, Ph.D. (Oakland, CA)
      • Thomas F. Cone (Nashville, TN)
      • Cecil D. Conlee (Atlanta, GA)
      • Mark F. Dalton (Palm Beach, FL)
      • Claiborne P. Deming (El Dorado, AR)
      • H. Rodes Hart (Brentwood, TN)
      • Joanne F. Hayes (Gulf Stream, FL)
      • Jay C. Hoag (Menlo Park, CA)
      • John R. Ingram (Nashville, TN)
      • Martha R. Ingram (Nashville, TN)
      • J. Hicks Lanier (Atlanta, GA)
      • Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C. (Notre Dame, IN)
      • Jackson W. Moore (Memphis, TN)
      • Courtney Clark Pastrick (Bethesda, MD)
      • David W. Patterson, M.D. (Washington, D.C.)
      • Ross Perot, Jr. (Dallas, TX)
      • Joe L. Roby (New York, NY)
      • Robert C. Schiff, Jr., M.D. (Cincinnati, OH)
      • Eugene B. Shanks, Jr. (Greenwich, CT)
      • Richard H. Sinkfield (Atlanta, GA)
      • Cal Turner (Franklin, TN)
      • J. Stephen Turner (Nashville, TN)
      • Dudley Brown White (Nashville, TN)
      • W. Ridley Wills II (Nashville, TN)
      • J. Lawrence Wilson (Bonita Springs, FL)
      • William M. Wilson (Nashville, TN)
      • Rebecca Webb Wilson (Memphis, TN)

      Code of Bylaws

      I wish to call the attention of our Board to the propriety of revising our By-Laws. Of nothing am I more fully persuaded than of the evil consequences of retaining in the code a Law which you dare not enforce...

      in his report to the Board, 1890

      Incorporating amendments through October 26, 2023

      Chapter I. Board of Trust

      A. Membership and Procedures of the Board of Trust

      B. Officers of the Board of Trust

      C. Committees of the Board of Trust

      Chapter II. Immediate Government of the University

      General Provisions
      The Chancellor
      The Faculties
      The Faculty Assembly and the Faculty Senate

      Chapter III.

      Appendix A

      Contact Us

      Board of Trust 
      Phone: (615) 322-1813