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Past Symposia: The 3rd ICI Biennial

Manuscript Competition

penICI seeks significant, original manuscripts that enrich and develop research in fields related to the study of the African Diaspora.  Only untenured professors and independent scholars in the relevant fields are eligible for the competition.  The candidate may submit a manuscript on a single, cohesive topic or a series of linked essays in either the Humanities or the Social Sciences. 

Submissions will be evaluated by senior professors in various fields of African Diasporic studies.  The competition will be held every other year, and the winners will be announced in the fall of the year that the symposium is held.  Both the competition and the symposium will now be held on a biennial basis.

Winners of the two prizes - the Anna Julia Cooper Prize in the Humanities and the Ida B. Wells Prize in the Social Sciences - will each receive $1500 and the opportunity for a book contract.

There is no page or word limit, but the manuscript must be written in English.

Goals of the Competition

• Expand the study of the global African Diaspora in the areas of the Humanities and Social Sciences

• Bridge the gap between new faculty entering the world of academia in this field and those who have reached tenure