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Mind Reader

Posted in: Features, Summer 2015

Peabody is partnering with faculty across VU to understand how the brain works differently in those who have difficulty reading.

Inquiring Minds

Posted in: Features, Summer 2015

The School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt is a unique research-centered learning experience for MNPS high schoolers.

Enterprising Interns

Posted in: Features, Summer 2015

From finance to fashion, HOD students pursue unique internships of their own making. They’ve logged hours at Oscar de la Renta, CONAN, the World Food Programme, Deloitte, Neville McCarthy PR and Big Machine Label Group (home to Taylor Swift) to name a few.

The Peabody Spirit: Celebrating 100 years of innovation, advocacy and outreach

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

Peabody College is celebrating 100 years on its current campus—a century of championing education for the for all children, including those marginalized by ability, socioeconomic status or race.

Opening Doors, Transforming Lives

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

Fifty years after its formation, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s commitment to children remains.


Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

The Posse program celebrates 25 years.

USN marks 100 years

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

When the Peabody Demonstration School was on the verge of closing, parents put up their own money to keep the doors open.

Head Start Begins Here

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

Peabody psychologist Susan Gray laid the framework for the national Head Start program.

Hard Core

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

Implementation of Common Core has been much more difficult than anyone imagined, leaving students caught in a political tug of war. Peabody faculty weigh in on the Common Core dilemma.

Who Rises to the Top?

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

There are few programs in place to nurture the intellectually precocious child. Is there a cost to society for ignoring the gifted?

Me, Myself and iPad

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

When Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, it sparked a revolution in technology for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Citizen of the world, ambassador by default

Posted in: Fall 2013, Fall 2013, Features

Keegan Fellow Kathleen Russell shares her journey: 373 days, 24 countries, five continents—and a life transformed.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted in: Fall 2013, Fall 2013, Features

A mobile farmers’ market, a fair wage bakery and a newspaper that employs the homeless are just a few of the social entrepreneurship efforts launched by HOD students.

Foreign Exchange

Posted in: Fall 2013, Fall 2013, Features

In a fragmented world, education can build bridges across oceans, mountains and deserts; it can draw connections between cultures that seemingly have little in common; and it can break the knots of tightly bound prejudices through shared experiences and mutual concerns. For these reasons, Peabody College has embarked on a journey of robust international exchange.

For more than a decade, Peabody faculty members have been crisscrossing the globe to study and teach best educational practices. They have invested in programs to bring teachers and education leaders from other countries to the Vanderbilt campus and have collaborated with education researchers abroad to find solutions to the most impregnable problems facing schools today.

Change and Continuity

Posted in: Features, Summer 2013

The invitation was intriguing: “We’d love to have you write about how undergraduate teaching has changed during your tenure.” “Yes!” I thought, “This could be interesting!”

A Mother’s Mission

Posted in: Features, Summer 2013

The light-filled classrooms of The Paragon School in Orlando, Fla., provide everything that this mother ever hoped for in an academic environment for her son. That’s because she created it.

After Newtown

Posted in: Features, Summer 2013

In the immediate aftermath of the December 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the public’s horror over the violence escalated into a contentious debate on school safety, bullying, parenting and gun laws. Little is known about why Adam Lanza killed his mother, six educators and 20 first-graders before killing himself. The media replayed the few details that were known, but the traumatic incident left many questions in its wake. Peabody faculty weigh in.

Ahead of the Pack

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features

Continued accolades might go to any institution’s collective head. Yet Peabody College’s place atop the rankings of education schools nationwide has made the school’s faculty and leadership anything but complacent. The forward-looking approach that helped to build the college continues to infuse its institutional culture: At Peabody, innovation has become standard operating procedure.

The Language of Survival

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features

In 2011, Tennessee welcomed 1,236 refugees from 17 different countries, most of them settling in Nashville. For a refugee, the first order of business is survival, and the key to survival in the United States is learning English. Angela Harris, MEd’10, is establishing the ESL to Go program to help Nashville area refugees learn the language.

Democracy's Proving Ground

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features

The G.I. Bill changed the way the state and its citizens thought about one another in the postwar period. This was seen especially in regard to higher education, which quickly emerged as one of the institutional embodiments of the G.I. Bill.

The Face of the Institution

Posted in: Features, Summer 2012

Current students show that Peabody still draws the best for their student body.

The Most Important Asset

Posted in: Features, Summer 2012

The Leadership and Organizational Performance program trains students who cultivate workforce leaders.

Principals’ Leadership and Leadership Principles

Posted in: Features, Summer 2012

For much of the past century, the typical role of the school principal was to serve as the manager-in-chief, an administrator who made sure the boilers worked, the buses ran on time and new teachers were hired and placed in classrooms. In the wake of school reform during the last decade, however, the role of the principal has changed dramatically. For today’s principals, Peabody is creating professional development to provide a whole new skill set.

James Patterson and the Patterson Scholars

Posted in: Features, Giving, Summer 2012

James Patterson, MA’70, earned his best-selling author status writing violent crime novels filled with despicable villains and miscreants from every walk of life. Patterson’s goal these days is helping educate the next generation of teachers and encouraging children to read.

From Research to Policy Change

Posted in: Features, Issue, Winter 2012

A professor at Peabody once said in class that research is advocacy just as much as handing out a pamphlet is advocacy. On May 26, 2011, we both saw our research turned into advocacy on a scale that few graduate student researchers ever get to experience.