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Current Scholars

Kyuhoon Kim

Class of: 2016
Hometown: Seongnam, South Korea
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Undecided

Born in a Korean-Taiwanese multicultural family in the heart of Asia, Kyuhoon has maintained a service initiative to accommodate the culturally disadvantaged immigrants to Korea. Another of his service initiatives was to help people in his country overcome the English language barrier, after he realized they don’t attempt to speak English as much as they would unequivocally stress the importance of it. Kyuhoon believed it wrong to perceive fluency in English as a symbol of being presumptuous or abnormally gifted.

In Kyuhoon’s high school years, his socially-discriminated immigrant mother inspired him to draft and submit bills to the National Assembly of Korea to target the issue of discrimination against Asian immigrants. He also organized in his school a chapter of Liberty in North Korea, an international NGO providing emergency relief to North Korean refugees. While conducting several fundraising activities that made enough money to help one North Korean person escape to free countries, he also ran campaigns in the cultural center of Seoul to raise awareness on the human rights issue of the North Korean defects within and outside the boundaries of North Korea and China.

Kyuhoon aspired for a better cultural accommodation of Korean citizens, too, through making English less intimidating in the public image. He organized an English-tutoring session in a local outreach center and taught English to students of his age, helping one of them successfully pass the college matriculation test. In addition, his first-time experience in an intimidating Model UN inspired him to organize a student-run nonprofit that hosts Model UN conferences. This organization, GLIS as Kyuhoon and his peers named it, has upheld one of the founding principles that the conference should allow multiple language selections for participants less familiar with English. Hosting Model UN events every summer and winter since 2010, GLIS has now increased its language selections to English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, and is looking for an overseas expansion.

Learning from his father that fair and balanced opportunities are imperative to a harmonious society, Kyuhoon feels he can one day find his own one through the experience with the Ingram Family. In the future, he hopes to expand his service initiatives to include the elderlies experiencing digital divide and immigrant kids in America with cultural and linguistic difficulties.