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Patrick McGee

Class of: 2015
Hometown: Dallas, TX
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Political Science

After his freshman year, Patrick spent the summer in Brussels as an intern for The EastWest Institute, a not-for-profit “think and do” tank. His work mainly focused on the planning of the 9th Worldwide Security Conference: Reshaping Economic Security in Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

The summer after his sophomore year, Patrick traveled to Mato Grosso, Brazil to do his Ingram summer project with Aliança da Terra, an organization dedicated to finding practical solutions to combating deforestation through sustainable production and providing governance in the frontier environments of the Brazilian Amazon.  Patrick’s project focused on Aliança’s wildland fire brigade, the first of its kind in Brazil, and one declared The Toughest Place to be a Firefighter in a BBC documentary of the same name.

This summer, Patrick was in Hong Kong working for GaveKal, a leading macroeconomic and markets analysis firm. His work at GaveKal is focused on the robotics industry and developing the strategy to launch ROBO-STOX, the first ETF dedicated to the robotics industry, in Asia.

In Nashville, Patrick serves on the Board of the Mary Parrish Center, a comprehensive therapeutic and transitional living program for women and their families who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. At the Mary Parrish Center, he has been active in recruiting other board members, developing plans for a social enterprise to support the organization, solidifying a strong relationship between the Mary Parrish Center and Vanderbilt, and securing the largest single donation in the organization’s history through Vanderbilt’s Lights on the Lawn benefit concert.

Patrick stays busy on campus. He was recently appointed by the Dean of Students to serve as the Chair of the Student Leadership Council, a council that convenes the thirteen Presidents or Chairs of Vanderbilt’s top organizations. He is also involved as Chair of the Vanderbilt University Speakers Committee, Chair of the Lights on the Lawn benefit concert, and as President of his fraternity.

Patrick is motivated by a strong desire to make an impact on this world and by an understanding that those who do are those who habitually find opportunities to learn, grow, and most importantly, serve others. Looking towards his senior year and beyond, he is excited to continue to learn, to grow, and to serve, and is humbled by and immensely grateful for his family, teachers, mentors, Vanderbilt University, and the Ingram Scholarship Program who have provided him with these amazing opportunities.